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October 2022 Training

Arrive for Dinner at 1900h on the opening night. We will begin the program after dinner and complete by 1400h after lunch on the final day.

Please make your travel arrangements to allow you to attend the full program. If you wish to stay before and after the program dates you must BOOK extra nights with WISTON directly.

Here is our ‘proposed’ timetable for the weekend training.


The Workbook is ESSENTIAL during the training. Please download and save your brand-new workbook to your device and/or print a copy from here –FACWorkBook3-dayTOC-2.20.19. If you come without then Wiston can print one but there will be a cost.

Pre-Playshop reading assignment, Chapter 4 of Arthur’s Book Drum Circle Facilitation – Download here – Chap4_pg1-30

We highly recommend Arthur Hull’s books as reading material before, during and after the training. Links below.

Drum Circle Facilitation

Drum Circle Spirit






  • Registered?
  • Booked extra accommodation direct with Wiston for before or after stays?
  • Workbook printed or ordered?
  • Arthur’s Book ordered?
  • Map and directions all good to go?
  • Bags packed?
  • Drums ready? ( We have plenty so no need to worry if you don’t own a drum)
  • Covid Testing Kit &
  • At our Facebook Group Page you can Pop in and say hi to one another.
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