Facilitator’s Challenge


“Playing at the edge of your learning

The Head Elf himself, Arthur Hull.

The Facilitators’ Challenge is designed for VMC graduates who are actively using VMC’s technologies in their programs. Facilitators will be challenged and tasked with a variety of experiences designed to enhance and further deepen their skills. Rhythm facilitator participants will be asked to facilitate different parts of the event and be critiqued as part of their learning process. During the course of the Basic and/or Intensive Training, advanced facilitator trainees will be tasked to demonstrate specific techniques and lead small group exercises. The challenge runs concurrently.  Will you step up to the challenge when it is offered?

Networking with peer facilitators in this program will offer opportunities to learn new program techniques, strategies, as well as business development skills.

This is a chance to challenge yourself, practice new skills and be lovingly mentored and tormentored 😉