Additional Training Info

Welcome to the corner of the Grumpy one…that there Yorkshire bloke our long time administrator Mr Steve Hill 😉 Pay attention to him. He’ll only say this once.

The Playshop is based on the Workbook . You *must* have access to an appropriate copy whilst you are here. It’s not the same as Arthur’s Book “Drum Circle Facilitation” which, O Best Beloved, you *should* also have – or at least read Chapter 4 (see below).

Please download and save your workbook (links below) and please bring it with you – either printed out, or on your laptop or tablet.  To reduce expense and waste, we will not print ‘spare’ copies.

The Basic Workbook is a .PDF File of 51 pages; 13.2MB. It’s big – really big!

If you can’t print it for any reason then, provided you give us plenty of notice, we can print one for you in advance, for which there will be a cost-covering charge of £10.00.

We will *not* be able to do this once the Playshop has started.


The all-new 2017 workbook is here: FACWorkBook_9.8.17




Things to bring to VMC UK Playshop 2017

Chapter 4 of Arthur’s Book Drum Circle FacilitationChap4_pg1-30 pre-Playshop reading assignment if you haven’t got the full book. This is *not* the workbook.


Stuff to buy!

Books and Sticks and DVDs advert 2017 – buy now and they’ll be waiting for you. Limited stocks . . .



  • Registered?
  • Booked extra accomodation direct with Wiston [] for before or after stays?
  • Workbook printed or ordered?
  • Book list sorted?
  • Map and directions all good to go?
  • Bags packed?
  • Drums ready?
  • Fantastic.
  • Join us on the Facebook Event page and meet your playshop buddies, chat and mebbe organise car-shares n stuff…It’s all HERE