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Here is our ‘proposed’ timetable for the 2020 basic 3 day training…note the word ‘proposed.’ This is always a fluid schedule 😉

Playshop Proposed Schedule Table 2020

The Workbook is ESSENTIAL during the training. You *must* have access to the current copy – It’s not the same as Arthur’s Book “Drum Circle Facilitation” which, you *should* also have – or at least have read Chapter 4 (see below).

Please download and save your brand-new workbook from here –FACWorkBook3-dayTOC-2.20.19

–  and please bring it with you – either printed out, or on your laptop or tablet.  To reduce expense and waste, we will not print ‘spare’ copies.


Things-to-bring-to-VMC-UK-Playshop-2020– CLICK THIS – IT’S IMPORTANT!


Chapter 4 of Arthur’s Book Drum Circle FacilitationChap4_pg1-30 pre-Playshop reading assignment if you haven’t got the full book. This is *NOT* the workbook but you really do want a copy of your own…Book available at Amazon UK


  • Registered?
  • Booked extra accommodation direct with Wiston for before or after stays?
  • Workbook printed or ordered?
  • Arthur’s Book ordered?
  • Map and directions all good to go?
  • Bags packed?
  • Drums ready?
  • Fantastic.
  • Once we are up and running please join us on the 2020 Facebook Event page and introduce yourself, organise car-shares and get all excited……THIS LINK go live once the event is open for registration.