Mentor Experience 2021

Mentor Experience (10-day) Sept 30th – October 10th 2021

The Mentor Program is now FULL (August 17th 2021)

Prices are fully inclusive of training costs, food and accommodation from Oct 4th-10th.


Advanced Facilitation • Building Leaders • Community Mentoring

The Mentor Experience is for advanced Facilitators ready to learn by leading. This 10-day leadership training is designed to strengthen Leadership and Facilitation skills by mentoring others through the week-long training process.


  • Must have graduated from the Basic Facilitator Intensive ( 6 day)
  • Must be actively facilitating community rhythm events in your community
  • Are ready to develop advanced facilitation/Leadership skills
  • Are capable of small group leadership
  • Enrolment is subject to selection by the VMC Global Training Team ( Arthur, Jim, Paul and Jane)

A major focus of the Mentor Experience is the leadership training which begins with a 4-day Leadership Forum. Mentors will experience process oriented activities designed to develop group process skills, communication strategies and leadership techniques. Building a cohesive mentor team provides the first step toward building our rhythm community during the 6-day Facilitator Intensive Trainings.

The Mentor Experience reinforces community service values while developing breadth and depth in facilitation practice. Both challenging and rewarding, advanced Facilitators will stretch the boundaries of their DCF practice, leadership and community building skills. 

The Mentor Experience integrates expanded theory and advanced Drum Circle Facilitation practice as Mentors turn their practical skills into leadership experience.

Beginning with a Mentors-only 4 day retreat, we bring our leadership community together.

With Trainer oversight, Mentors will be assigned a small group of Facilitators to mentor through the Facilitators’ Intensive Training.

Mentors will be instructed in specific process facilitation techniques that are essential to problem solving, communication and community building. Mentor meetings will take place to help process and facilitate the leadership experience.

Throughout the week, mentors will continue strengthening and enhancing their own DCF techniques, as they guide others through the learning process. Mentors receive critique and evaluation from senior Facilitators while receiving feedback from their mentor and peer groups.

Mentors will have plenty of time to practice and develop their own facilitation skills during small group practice and community “Jump-Time!”

Networking with other community leaders and professional Drum Circle Facilitators offers Mentors an inspiring and stimulating environment for skills development.

The Mentor program is facilitated by Jim Boneau and Arthur Hull

Learning Objectives

  • Experience powerful process-communication skills
  • Learn motivational mentoring techniques
  • Enhance your professional Drum Circle Facilitation skills
  • Become an effective community leader

Village Music Circles Certification

For those Mentors ready to become VMC-Certified; the Mentor training provides a vehicle for achieving important requirements of the certification process. More info on VMC Certification.







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