Magical and joyful! Deep gratitude to Paul, Jane and Ray, who created and facilitated such a strong sense of community -a safe place to learn, challenge ourselves and be part of the rhythms in and around us. What a supportive and welcoming community! I haven’t stopped talking about the training since I got home. Looking forward to putting the learning into practice.
Jackie Drew
It’s not about the drumming… it’s about courage, risk, community, connection, love, humour, learning and more than anything it is about belonging, being seen and affirmed…And the drumming! Thankyou x
Jeanette Allen
It is difficult to describe how totally awesome this course was!
At one level we learned skills and techniques for facilitating community drum circles and had brilliant fun, playing with the rhythms. I was a complete novice, and that was no problem.
On another level it was about connecting and growing with other warm-hearted humans.
It was magic!
Jo Cooper

I had an incredible experience at the UK Playshop at Wiston Lodge, it was beyond anything I could ever have expected. Paul and Jane facilitated the weekend with such depth and the whole group felt like a little drum family by the end of the weekend. Since then I’ve felt so inspired and found a new purpose to share my love for drums, so yes I can definitely say it was a life changing experience!! Vicky O’Neon 

This was my first “Playshop” and as it was billed as a three day intro I expected to be joined by fellow novice facilitators. How wrong was that and there’s a very good reason that us beginners were joined by plenty of others who had been to several play shops before. Playshop is about community and spirit, it just so happens to be centred around drum circle facilitating. So yes, you get expertly guided through the mechanics of facilitating from Paul, Jane and a willing gang of seasoned assistants and, as it’s a highly practical training event, you also get to safely put in to practice what you’ve learned. On top of that, and way more importantly, you get to experience at first hand the power of shared spirit. There’s plenty of research on the positive effects of drum circles on individual well being. The research methods generally involve 1 hour sessions (or maybe a bit longer) over a few weeks and the findings often track increases in well being and reduction in things causing problems. Imagine the concentrated effect of this positivity day after day, all day, throughout the entire training period, including evenings and you get close to figuring out why this training is so powerful on so many levels. To coin an old ad, if Carlsberg did drum circle facilitator training this would be it. Just do it!                                                                                                    Ian Kershaw 2019 Graduate

Powerful experience!! I recommend it to everyone who is longing to discover the authentic but selfless leader within. Plus, if you want to feel the power of connection and be uplifted by the magic of becoming rhythm yourself this is the place for you! Go for it!                                                      Sel Holder

Amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone and not just those looking to get into drum circle facilitation. The teaching is spot on and I was lucky enough to have the Paul and Jane duo alongside their fabulous support team – Alison, Ray and Steve. I felt right at home from the moment I arrived and was very pleasantly surprised with the course structure, the venue and the fabulous food served up three times a day!! The course is fast pace and there is a lot of material to cover in a short space of time (I did the 3 day course) but it’s full of humour and constant aha moments and revelations and with coffee on tap 24hrs a day – I made it! Finally – I have met new friends and become part of a fantastic network of brilliant people that are making a difference and changing lives all over the world – this course is life changing, DO IT, you won’t regret it.                      Gemma Brown 

Great experience! This is so much more than drum facilitator training. It is a beautiful offering created with love and caring for others and a genuineness for ‘Pay it forward’. I loved being in this environment where Jane and Paul created invitations for learning and practice- felt nothing like being taught but fully engaging. The team and the community lovely were a pleasure to be with. Thanks guys X                                                                                                                              Lesley Gough